Forget Me Not


TITLE: Forget Me Not


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being in a secret relationship with Loki. It’s kept a secret because you know that Odin would disapprove Loki being with you, ...


NOTES/WARNINGS: I got the meanings of each flower off the internet; I have no idea as to their accuracy. 

Chapter One

You see nothing of Loki for over a month after the ball. You decided that you could no longer waste time pining for the prince. It was clear that he was trying to find himself a lady, so the love you had felt for him had obviously not be reciprocated. It hurt, but there was nothing you could do, so you merely had to accept it and continue on.

You heard that the princes and their companions were on their way to collect their steeds for a hunt, so time was of the essence to prepare the animals. You had Loki’s and Volstagg’s horses ready in the time it had taken others to do one animal, you rolled your eyes and began mucking their stables as the horses waited for their mounts.

You came out of the stable and felt eyes upon you. Your turned to see the hunting party all looking at you bar Loki.

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